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People trust strong brands, and the education sector is no different. Schools with a reputation for excellence in education are inherently trusted by both parents and students.


What this means from a business perspective is that a school with a strong brand can be easily recognised, keeping them ‘top of mind’ and delivering successful outcomes, especially when it comes to admission drives.


At Edugrafix we help schools cultivate their brand by working with them to develop a comprehensive brand strategy - ultimately leading to the creation of distinctive assets that clearly communicate who they are, what they stand for and what their mission is.

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Brand development


Brand Strategy
Distinctive assets
Style guides
PBL campaigns
Way finding systems
Vehicle livery

Style guides

At the heart of educational marketing is school branding. Various levels of identity and branding can be applied to a school campus and they run the gamut from the development of a logo, school colours, and fonts to a fully comprehensive brand style guide.

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Brand style guides are often used to guide and influence the design of both new schools and the re-branding or refreshing of existing campuses. Branding can create opportunities for academic improvement, and create a sense of pride for students, teachers, parents, and
their communities.


A school brand and identity is about defining who you are and clearly communicating that definition to your staff, students, and community.  And it’s about creating excellence through the clarity of your mission and what you stand for. For these reasons, when undertaking a branding exercise or creating an identity package, it is important that stakeholders and user groups first define what a school’s program is about:

• Who are we?
• What do we stand for?
• What is our mission?

Ultimately, branding’s objective is to reinforce and remind the students and school community of their immediate and future goals.


Want to hear more about branding for you school?

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