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Intellectual Property Policy

Ownership of Intellectual Property (IP):
1.1 Where artwork is solely developed by our Grafix Group team, the intellectual
property rights pertaining to said artwork reside with Grafix Group.
1.2 In instances where the client requests usage of the aforementioned artwork for
different applications, Grafix Group reserves the right to assess and grant
permissions accordingly.

Third-Party Intellectual Property:
2.1 Where the artwork incorporates elements sourced from third-party artists or
institutions, Grafix Group is required to procure a single-use license for each specific
application of that element. In such cases, the intellectual property rights remain with
the original artist or institution.
2.2 The cost of such single-use licenses may be included in the product price or may
be invoiced separately, contingent on the cost of the individual license.

Client-Supplied Artwork and Intellectual Property:
3.1 In cases where the artwork or its constituent elements are supplied by the client,
the client assumes responsibility for the associated intellectual property rights. This
applies to original artwork supplied by students or teachers, as well as to instances
where the client has secured a license for the artwork from an artist or institution.

Design Concepts:
4.1 All design concepts created by Grafix Group as an integral part of the quotation
process are the exclusive intellectual property of Grafix Group.
4.2 Such design concepts cannot be used, reproduced, or modified under any
circumstances without the explicit written consent of Grafix Group. This includes, but
is not limited to, the use of design concepts for promotional materials, manufacturing,
or other commercial activities.
4.3 Any unauthorised or illegal use of the design concepts will result in legal
consequences. This could include fines, injunctions, and other statutory penalties
under applicable law.

Please note that Grafix Group takes its intellectual property rights very seriously and
will pursue any infringements to the fullest extent of the law. It's recommended that all
parties respect these rights and abide by the stipulated terms.
It is also, the responsibility of the parties involved to ensure they have all necessary
rights, permissions, and licenses before engaging with our services. Failure to do so
could result in legal consequences.

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