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3D Signs and Lettering

3d letter kadina.jpg

Aluminium and Acrylic 

Edugrafix offers high quality aluminium and acrylic 3D lettering signage solutions that make a lasting impression. Our aluminium 3D lettering signage is sleek and durable, providing a modern and professional look for your business.


The lightweight yet sturdy construction ensures longevity and easy installation. With precise craftsmanship and attention to detail, our aluminium 3D lettering signage creates a bold and sophisticated visual impact.

3d letters edugrafix.jpg

Bespoke design

For a more contemporary and stylish option, our acrylic 3D lettering signage is the perfect choice. The translucent properties of acrylic allow for striking lighting effects, making your signage stand out day or night.


Whether you're looking for a polished, frosted, or coloured finish, Edugrafix can customise the acrylic 3D lettering signage to suit your branding needs.

woy woy public school - library-blind2.jpg


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