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Edugrafix can greatly improve student engagement in school areas by creating visually stimulating and inspiring environments that foster creativity, critical thinking, and a sense of belonging, ultimately leading to a more positive and productive learning experience.

8_Acknowledgement of Country_Vinyl Wall Wrap_Dobroyd Point PS Large.jpg


Communicating respect for traditional custodians and raise awareness of Indigenous cultures. 

13_Bathrooms_Aluminium Panel_Gloucester PS.jpg


Promote positive behaviour, hygiene, and inclusivity while reinforcing a clean and respectful environment. 



Graphics in school branding serve as a powerful tool to establish a strong brand presence, foster a sense of pride and belonging, and effectively communicate the school's message to a wider audience.

37_Feature Wall_Wall Vinyl Wrap_Greenacre PS.jpg

Feature walls

Create focal points with impactful visual statements that leave a lasting impression on students, staff, and visitors, while also contributing to a vibrant and dynamic learning environment.

02_Welcome Wall_Wall Vinyl Wrap_Rooty Hill PS Large.jpg

Welcome walls

Graphics on Welcome Walls communicate a warm greeting, reinforce school values, and create a sense of belonging for everyone entering the school.

21_Signage_Administration_Area_Frosted Window FIlm_Barramurra PS.jpg.jpg


Wall graphics aid in wayfinding, safety, and organization within the school premises. School signage ensure easy navigation and contribute to a positive school experience for all.

24_Welcome Wall_Wall Vinyl Wrap_Bega HS Large.jpg


By utilising graphics such as vibrant signage, informative displays, and engaging visuals, we can create a positive atmosphere, and enhance the overall aesthetics of the admin area. 

01_Canteen_Wall Vinyl Wrap Large.jpg


Communicate menu options, promote healthy eating, and enhance the dining experience.  Ultimately, create a positive environment that encourages students to make healthy choices and enjoy their meals.

04_Common Areas_Wall Vinyl Art Large.jpg

Common areas

Foster creativity, inspiration, and community through motivational quotes, student artwork, and informative displays. 

20_Library_Wall Vinyl Wrap_Chester Hill North PS Large.jpg


Wall graphics create a warm and welcoming atmosphere, inspiring students to explore the vast world of books and sparking their imagination.

17_Stairs_Wall Vinyl Wrap_Aluminium Panel Risers_Tuggerah Lakes Secondary College - The En


By utilising graphics such as motivational quotes, educational imagery, or creative designs, school stairs become engaging spaces that bring life to dull dark stairwells.

woy woy public school - library-blind2.jpg


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